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Availability: Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Rate: $25 per hour; includes 1 CD with all images; and retouched, full-size files of your 4 favorite images.

Maybe you're looking to shake up your dating life by putting your best face forward; maybe you're just tired of the same stale Facebook photo, or maybe you want to show your family across the country how well you're doing in the city. Maybe you just want a cool picture of yourself and don't know anyone with a good camera. Maybe you've started dating someone and want a nice picture of the two of you. For a very reasonable price, I can help with any of those goals.

I am now shooting social media and online dating profile pictures at a very low rate. These images demand a quite different look and style from the more formal style of headshots and professional portraits. Different clothing, different posing, different expressions; a person browsing profiles on a dating site is looking for completely different cues than a casting agent.

As more and more young people participate in online dating, they find that the right portrait makes all the difference in whether they receive attention from others or get ignored. Most people will not even click a profile unless you have an eye-catching primary photo, and on top of that, many people (women and men included) do not even read the text of a profile before going on a date with someone.

Users also learn that the type of image they present on these sites is very particular. The typical "bathroom mirror" picture is a major turn-off, while formal headshots are equally avoided. When users see an obvious headshot, they assume the person "doesn't really look like that" and run in the other direction. Meanwhile, waiting for a great picture to emerge from social situations and going out with friends yields uninspiring results: loads of boring snaps of you standing next to better-looking friends, exes, making unfortunate drunken faces, and other images that potential dates pass over. As an experienced photographer, my friends have used my pictures of them as profile pictures countless times, and they get scores of compliments from both men and women. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a leg up on the competition.

While I recommend holding this type of photo shoot outdoors whenever possible, I can also take casual portraits in venues, or in your apartment with a small amount of lighting. The idea is to present you in your natural environment — to show people a slice of your life and why they want to be in it. Maybe you like sports, hiking, cooking, billiards, yoga, or something else entirely; we can show you doing those things. Or just straight portraits — that usually works best.

Film pictures (rather than digital) are also available for an additional $1 per exposure or $36 for a roll. Film gives a unique, different look that some people can't get enough of.