SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

Eric Ford-Holevinski

This year, September 11th was marked by protests over an Islamic center slated to be built close to Ground Zero. I took some photographs of the ensuing protests, although in the hours after I went home, the activity there only became more intense. I am not trying to take a side with the following images; they are for documentation only.

Firefighters listen to a reading of the names of the dead

A "Ground Zero Mosque" protestor argues with bystanders

These kinds of people can always be seen on 9/11

A man in Uncle Sam costume sells flags just yards away from the gathered mourners; he was not pleased to have his picture taken

Some of the many "Truthers" out in force

The Cross at Ground Zero

A "Ground Zero Mosque" protestor, member of a veterans group opposing the Islamic center

Picket signs laid out for the rally in favor of the Islamic center, along with other unrelated topics

Pro-Mosque demonstrators

Pro- and anti- Mosque groups clash in front of the proposed site of the Islamic center

The building on the right is the proposed site for the Islamic center; the red scaffolding at the left is Ground Zero

An ex-Muslim and "spiritual scientist" protests the Mosque

A New York man advertises using the pages of the Koran as toilet paper

A man lights pages of the Koran on fire at the site of the Islamic center

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