September 8, 2009 - Eric Ford-Holevinski

Note: this gallery contains some nudity and may not be workplace-friendly

I apologize for posting this gallery so late. These photos were all taken June 20, 2009, but I hesitated to put them in their own gallery, then got too busy with other pictures and trips. Coney Island is the site of much conflict between the fat cats who want to turn it into a strip mall and the residents who want to preserve its quirky charm. Despite reports in the news that most of Astroland was bulldozed and all that's left is a few bricks, Coney Island essentially remains unchanged since I moved to New York in 2006.

New York parades always bring out some characters, but the Mermaid Parade takes the cake in that department. Just like the Halloween parade, there are a few personalities who show up every year (like Neptune, further down the page). It was pouring rain this year, which in a way added to the aquatic theme of the day.

Step right up and meet the weirdest people in New York!

Big fish

Thar she blows!

Neptune, beached by a broken leg this summer

A Stimulus Package -- I don't think this is quite what Congress had in mind...

Harvey Keitel

Ah, young love.

Washing the ink off.

Catch of the day

Wrapping with a little concert in the ocean.

It's an easy place to like.

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