July 12, 2008 - Eric Ford-Holevinski

Note: this gallery contains mild nudity and may not be workplace-friendly

Coney Island is famous for its amusement park, Astroland, which has gone through many closings and re-openings in the course of its long history. A few decades ago the city's last attempt to revive it sizzled and not much as been done with it since -- and as is common when governments abandon such an area, the neighborhood has developed an organic life of its own. The rides are terrible and the beach is gross, but the games are a blast and the people down there have their own sub-culture. It's a heck of a place. I guess the city government isn't such a big fan, though, because they've sold most of the property to developer Thor Equities. The company plans to bulldoze a lot of Astroland and the boardwalk area and rebuild it according to its own "vision," whatever that is. In the meantime, the folks of Coney Island are saying farewell to an era.

Every summer, Astroland hosts the Mermaid Parade. Here you can see women in both mermaid suits and their birthday suits, men pretending to be mermaids, and other bizarre characters. There is nothing quite like it...

Here come those pesky developers...

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