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Updated 5/19/09

This is a pretty small set compared to some of my earlier ones, but the weather has been uncooperative here this season. I took most of the above pictures within just one weekend, when snow hit New York at last. It had snowed before this year, but it just melted right away.

The snow melts so fast that I have to photograph it while it's still falling, putting my equipment in peril. But why own the gear if you aren't going to use it? I'll probably look into a rain cover eventually.

I shot about half of these images with my wide angle lens. For a brief period I was frustrated with the lens, having trouble composing with it, and annoyed at the way it distorts people. With scenery the distortion is great fun, but with people, the novelty of stretching out your friends' faces wears off after a while and you just want them to look normal. My shoulders were also not happy about carrying it at over a pound. But the lens has made a comeback in my excursions. I've been hitting the gym and I can handle a little more weight in my bag, and I've been thinking more about how to fully use the lens's huge field of view. It is, after all, my best lens optically.

For those people who follow my News page, the fact that I met Bill Clinton will not be news. If the pictures are any indication, it was far from an intimate encounter. I was grateful for the opportunity, though.

The lunar eclipse was quite difficult to photograph. The moon requires extreme telephoto to occupy any significant space in a film frame -- on the order of 600mm or more. Most compact cameras stop between 100-200mm, and my longest lens gets me out to only 300mm. The picture I'm using here is heavily cropped, around 25% of the original photograph. I cringed a little about doing that, but otherwise there'd be nothing to show, really. I also shot it from my bedroom, having to set up the tripod on the floor beside my window, with the camera very low so the line of sight could clear the edge of the window. This meant I had to sit and crane my neck to see through the viewfinder; much cursing and grumbling ensued.

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