Availability: Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Rates: $50 per hour; includes 1 CD with all images; and retouched, full-size files of your 4 favorite images. Prints are available for a modest additional cost.

Nothing is more satisfying to me than making a powerful image of another person. With so many different people out there, and each of them growing and developing as individuals from one year to the next - even from one day to the next - it is a profound experience to be able to remove all distractions and present one person as he or she is, at a single moment.

Since taking up photography, I have learned that many people my age haven't had a formal or serious picture taken of them since their high school senior portrait - and still others have not had even that. In today's era of cell phone cameras and cheap, disposable images, a good portrait taken by a trained photographer is as important as ever, and has perhaps more impact than ever before. For strictly getting roles, headshots require updating from time to time, but a truly fine portrait, whether it's an acting headshot or not, only grows more precious with age.

In the winter I shoot in indoor studio spaces with artificial lighting. When the temperature is at least 60 degrees, you have the additional option of having your shots taken outside in one of New York's fine parks or neighborhoods; or we can stay within a studio.

When you contact me for a headshot session, we'll discuss what your goals are and what sort of roles you are looking for. This will be relevant to what clothes you bring to the shoot (you'll want at least 2 outfits, one slightly more formal, one slightly more casual), and will make it easier for me to provide you with directions and poses.

NEW: SOCIAL MEDIA PORTRAITURE. Offering informal portraits for dating websites, Facebook, and other uses for $25/hr.