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Last update: 10/26/2014

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I also grew up. At Pioneer High School, I ran Cross Country and Track for three seasons each. I was much better at Cross Country. During that time I won a mile race with 4:48; I won my age group in a half-marathon (13 miles) with 1h20m; and I led my Cross Country team as the second man with a personal best 5K time of 16:25. I played Mr. Gardiner in a production of Pride and Prejudice in school. I also participated in numerous poetry readings in high school, though I lost my taste for it in college.

My first job was as a sales assistant at Frank's Nursery in Ann Arbor, when I was 16. When customers bought soil, they pulled up their truck to the back area where I carried out the bags of soil for them. I was also an election inspector and election inspector chairperson at the polling places in two presidential elections. In college, I worked as a docent at the Exhibit Museum of Natural History, a counselor at KidSport day camp, and as a busboy at Gratzi restaurant.

After graduating from the University of Michigan I moved to Rome, Italy, where I taught English for one year. After that I moved to New York City, where I still reside.

I've been making movies with my friends since we were 14 years old. In 2012 I attended New York Film Academy. I went on to spend some time as a screenwriter for a small production company. I am now creative director of my own production company, Hayride Films. I shoot video on a freelance and salaried basis, including medical training videos for the New York-based company, CityMD. For the first few years in New York, I worked as an assistant at the law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell.

I wrote my first novel when I was 10 years old. I have written 4 unpublished novels, and have published 3 novels and 4 short-stories under the name Eric T. Ford. I mostly write horror and science fiction.

I sometimes do professional photography. My favorite area of photography is portraiture; I also enjoy collecting street photography books. I love black-and-white film and still occasionally shoot with my dad's Nikon FA, which he bought the year I was born. I mostly use DSLRs and my iPhone.

Some random facts about me:

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